10 ways to reduce stress for students

How many times in college have you asked your groupmate, «Can you do my accounting homework for me?». When you enroll in college, you associate it more with fun, entertainment, music parties, and new experiences while you hardly have time for that. With all the workload that academic programs offer, you need to adapt to the quick pace of studying and be ready to complete all your assignments on time (or hire a professional service like Papercoach.net). However, even an assignment writing service will not save you from burning out, and you just have to find ways to manage all this. In this guide, we will reveal top stress reduction techniques for high school students.

Dealing with stress in school

There are many causes of stress in college students experience all the time: meeting deadlines, passing exams, writing tests, social challenges, transitions, creating projects, and the fear of dropping out or the lack of money. According to the recent survey, 65% of students experience chronic stress, and it negatively impacts our health, happiness, and performance. If you don't find a way to relieve stress, you will eventually burn out. Here are some options for stress management for high school students that will help you relax and find a balance between studies and rest:

Healthy meals

You may doubt that this is working, but fresh ingredients three times a day can do wonders. Drink juices, eat fruits, make salads with vegetables, and eat yogurts. Exclude pizza and hamburgers, and you will feel better within a few days;

Do sports

Exercising is one of the most effective ways of fighting stress. When you have a hard day at school, hard training will make you get rid of negative emotions and feel relieved. Besides, your mood will improve when you see your perfect shape;

Meditation and yoga

These options work very well to clear up your thoughts and find a balance. Even 30 minutes of yoga every day can help you perform better and cope with stressful situations easier. Good breathing is the basis of your relax;


Rest is very important, even if you are running out of time. Divide al your tasks into parts with equal time intervals and do breaks every now and then. Drink coffee, listen to music, talk to your mate and then get back to work;

Get a pet

This is a live stress-reliever that will be happy to cheer you up anytime you want (and don't want). Animals are good for your mental health as patting a dog can release the hormones that will make you feel happy, so this is a great idea;

Get enough sleep

To do so, put aside your smartphone at least one hour before you go to sleep (better, sign off all your accounts in social networks). If you don't answer a message right away, nobody dies. So let yourself have some rest to sleep well;

Don't smoke

The belief that smoking helps to relax is wrong, and it is proved by researchers. You only become more stressed in addition to doing harm to your health, so give it up;

Listen to music

This is an easy and working way to feel better as your favorite music can help you clear up your thoughts;


Have you heard that laughter is the best remedy? This is so damn true. Don't take it too much seriously and try to relax;

Attend a psychologist

When you feel so exhausted that you feel terrible, it may lead to depression and other disorders. It is better to get professional help on time.

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