Welcome to the OO-CAMHS website. It contains everything you need to know about developing an outcomes orientated approach to setting up or delivering a CAMH Service. We hope you find it helpful.

Sami and Dianne

What is OO-CAMHS?

Outcome Orientated Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services

OO-CAMHS draws on a large international evidence base that has consistently shown certain extra-therapeutic factors (such as social context) and intra-therapeutic factors (such as therapeutic relationship) are most likely to influence outcome. OO-CAMHS is the first UK based CAMHS development that is designed to incorporate this evidence into a whole service model that can improve outcomes for children, adolescents and their families at the same time as maximising efficient use of resources.

Four CORE guiding principles underpin the OO-CAHMS approach:

C onsultation (engaging with the broader context),
O utcome (measure progress session by session),
R elationship (measure alliance session by session) and
E thics of care (build a positive team ethos).
OO-CAMHS uses regular session-by-session measurement of outcome and therapeutic alliance to help improve outcomes, reduce DNA’s and dropout rates, and save money through improved therapeutic efficiency. OO-CAMHS focuses on the goal of producing positive change for people whilst decreasing the chances of ‘getting stuck in the system’ with an intervention that is of no long-term benefit. At the same time, it ensures that the service users opinions and choices are always respected.
OO-CAMHS draws extensively on Client Directed Outcome Informed ideas pioneered by Barry Duncan (see Heart and Soul of Change website) and Scott Miller (see The International Center for Clinical Excellence website).

OO-CAMHS won an East Midlands NHS Regional Innovation Award in 2011


OO-CAMHS co-developers Sami Timimi and Dianne Tetley and won an East Midlands NHS Regional Innovation champions Award in 2012


OO-CAMHS Lincoln runners up in BMJ Mental Health Team of the year Award in 2015


See our sister site Outcome Orientated Approaches to Mental Health Services (OO-AMHS) e-learning:

OO-AMHS e-learning "East Midlands, Health, Education and Innovation Clusters (HEIC) Innovation Award (2011): OO-AMHS Training Staff, Supervisors and Managers in Outcome Orientated Approaches to the Delivery of Mental Health Services: An e-learning Package"

Award for dissemination of e-learning package

East Midlands, Health, Education and Innovation Clusters (HEIC) Innovation Award (2012): National Role Out of the OO-AMHS e-Learning Package: Training NSPCC Clinical Practitioners and Managers in an Outcome Orientated Approach to the Delivery of Face-to-Face Services for Looked After Children

Sami and Dianne win 'Innovation Champions 2012'

- "Yorkshire, Humber and East Midlands Innovation Champions of the Year" (2012)

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